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Brendan Armstrong

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: 148 Erie St N
Leamington, Ontario N8H 3A2
Email: barmstrong@will-insurance.com
Phone: (519) 326-5746 ext. 1228

I don’t like doing these “self-biography” things; I feel like it requires unnecessary self-admiration and
as awesome as I might be, I don’t enjoy doing it. Sarcasm, on the other hand, is in my nature & if you get to know me well enough you might just be at risk of a friendly sarcastic jab.

Like most people, I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an insurance broker. I grew up in construction. My dad and I have been working construction together since I was about 5. He bought me my first hammer when we were shingling his roof. Together we have renovated around 10 houses, some which were stripped down to the studs. My greatest accomplishment in construction is recently completing my very first new build. It took us 2 full years before my family and I were able to move! Thankfully, my Dad is retired and was able to spend most of his days doing what he could by himself, or my mom would go help him. I am so thankfully to have such hard-working, kind parents as an example to follow.

I bring that same mentality to the insurance industry. Obviously, not in the exact same way, but as someone who has paid insurance my whole life and never made a claim (other than that one time someone ran a stop sign and hit me); I know the value of money and people that work hard for it don’t really want to give it away needlessly. Insurance is here for us when we need it even though we hope to never have to! Being covered properly with the right coverages for what we decide is important to us is, in my opinion, more important than price. However as I mentioned, we don’t want to give it away needlessly so finding the best company for both coverages and price is what I am here for!

If you want to chat about insurance or construction or just about anything else… Give me a call and I would be happy to have some “real talk”.

Brendan Armstrong